Bon Appetit French Bakery and Cafe




MEATS (Choose up to 3)

Imported Ham • Turkey • Smoked Turkey • Roast Beef • Pastrami • Hard Salami • Genoa Salami • Lebanon Bologna • Tuna Salad • Chicken Salad

CHEESES (Choose 1)

Swiss • Provolone • Gouda • Havarti

BREADS (Choose 1)

French Roll • Croissant • Focaccia • Rye • Wheat • Pita• Ciabatta


Mayonnaise • Dijon • Mustard • Lettuce • Tomatoes • Onions • Italian Dressing

We’ll build a sandwich to your specifications 

Build your own combo, served with chips, pickles & a soda 

1/2 Sandwich with soup 

Veggie Sandwiches

Dr. Taylor Special: A pita layered with Hummus, lettuce and Tabouleh 

Olga’s Delight: A French roll with Ajvar, Feta Cheese, Tabouleh, lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers. 


Tomato Florentine (M) Chicken Noodle (T) Cream of Broccoli (W) Red Lentil (T) Potato Leek(F)

Salads, Etc.

Chicken or Tuna Platter, Chef Salad, Middle Eastern, Mezze, Tabouleh and Hummus